Share stories with journalists privately and securely.

The PÍSK’s SecureDrop submission service allows you to share files and communicate with journalists and activists in full anonymity.

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We advocate for privacy, transparency, and human rights by fighting high-level corruption and fraud.

PÍSK provides the first fully private and secure channel of communication between whistleblowers and journalists/activists by using SecureDrop - anonymous submission system. We also aim to raise awareness about privacy and security among journalists and activists through courses and training.

Providing protection to whistleblowers, journalists, and activists.

Cybersecurity training and guidelines for journalists and activists.

A Whistleblower - handling data.

A person has files that convict other parties of corruption or fraud. This person, the whistleblower, wants to securely share the files with media organizations and NGOs however wants to remain in full anonymity.

PÍSK - SecureDrop submission service.

The whistleblower uses PÍSK, encrypted service, to communicate with journalists and activists. The PÍSK does not have any access to the communication or exchanged files.

Trusted journalists - investigate the case.

Only trusted journalists and activists have access to submitted files. No third parties are involved in the communication channel. It is the responsibility of these journalists and activists to verify the files and consequently report the results.

About us.

We are privacy and security professionals who seek solutions to current shortcomings in communication between journalists and their sources.